Freezing Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

I purchased a box of navel oranges right before Christmas and they ended up sitting around the house, we didn’t eat as many as I had hoped. Because I’m a frugal gal and I hate to waste things, I found a way to freeze fresh squeezed oranges so I can continue to enjoy them for months to come.

Freezing fresh squeezed orange juice | PreparednessMama

Drinking fresh squeezed oranges has many benefits, plus you won’t get all the refined sugar or artificial sweeteners that can be found in commercially processed juices.

// Strengthen your immune system
// Dietary fiber and B vitamins
// Prevent cancer
// Lower cholesterol
// Lower inflammation
// Increases the rate of nutrient absorption
// Promote glowing skin
// Power up the brain
// Relieve constipation
// Reduces digestion time

Prepare to Freeze Fresh Squeezed Oranges

  1. It takes 7 oranges to fill an ice cube tray
  2. Your oranges should be washed before peeling or cutting. Wet each orange with water, rub its surface, rinse it with running water and dry it with a clean towel.
  3. Washing oranges in a sink filled with water is not recommended since the standing water can spread contamination from one orange to another. The use of soap or detergent is not recommended because the fruit can absorb detergent residues. Consider a dip in clear white vinegar as an added precaution.
  4. Cut the orange in half
  5. Use  a simple hand juicer
  6. Strain out the pulp (if you want… we like ours!)
  7. Pour your unsweetened juice into clean ice cube trays
  8. Once frozen, transfer the cubes to freezer bags or other freezer storage containers for easy access

Orange Juice ice cubes will last 12 months in the freezer | PreparednessMama

Publication 8199 – Oranges: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and Enjoy from UC Davis, has instruction on other methods of preservation, including water bath canning, dehydrating and freezing orange pieces.

What can you do with your frozen orange juice?

Your fresh squeezed orange juice cubes will last up to 12 months in the freezer. I’m planning on using mine as a healthy way to include fresh fruit in my diet each day. I can:

  • // Include a few cubes in smoothies
  • // Use it as a flavorful ice cube in a glass of water
  • // Use it for cooking
    • // Sauces
    • // Vinaigrette
    • // Marinades
    • // Baked goods

Check out Seven Ways to Cook with Orange Juice at for some terrific recipes.

My box made 6 trays of frozen orange goodness, so I have 96 cubes. I also have an incredible amount of orange rinds! I could have dried them or put them in my compost, but instead I made a big batch of Orange Infused Vinegar for cleaning.

Use the left over orange rinds to make orange infused vinegar | PreparednessMama

It couldn’t be easier. Just remove the white pulp with a knife, and cut the rinds into smallish strips. Place them into a glass container, that has a tight fitting lid, and cover the rinds with white vinegar.

I placed a fold of plastic wrap under the cap because vinegar will react with metal

Label the jar with the date and shake it every day for two weeks. Once your infusion time is done, strain your orange vinegar into a glass jar and use it for your next cleaning project. The rinds can go into the compost pile or you can save them and put a few down your garbage disposal each week.

See our previous post – 24 Uses for Oranges, Never Waste Another Orange Again – for other ideas on how to use an abundance of oranges.

Enjoy your frozen fresh squeezed oranges for months to come! What is your favorite way to use oranges for cooking or cleaning?

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