Earthquake Bags – Put Them Together with Four Easy Items You Already Have on Hand

Earthquake Bags – Put Them Together with Four Easy Items You Already Have on Hand

earthquake bag

Earthquake Bag: A must have for the prepared bedroom.

This year has been musical rooms for our kids, furniture, and miscellaneous belongings. I finally have figured out where to put everything in my tiny house that’s exploding with people.  There’s nothing like going into your kids room and cleaning out under their beds. I swear there must be an instinct to shove EVERYTHING under the bed! But while I squeezed myself under the bunk beds (praying I wouldn’t get stuck) and looking like a bizarre swimming frog as I pushed mounds of toys and clothes out from under there, I actually came across something that made me smile. Our EARTHQUAKE BAGS!

Last year I realized that I was lacking in one small area that could have a major effect on the safe and quick exit of my family in an earthquake. I also realized why my son had been insisting on bringing his shoes into his room and putting them under the bed (a habit I detest since we live in the rainy NW and they get lost among the other items he shoves under his bed).

In one of our favorite books, We Shake in a Quake, the family puts a flashlight and a pair of sturdy shoes under their bed so that when the next earthquake hits they are prepared. Aah Haaa! L had been trying to send me a message.

Four Easy Items for Your Earthquake Bags

What you need:

  • A reusable shopping bag for each person in the bedroom
  • A sturdy pair of shoes for each person that sleeps in that room.
  • A flashlight
  • Batteries

I never use my reusable grocery sacks for their intended purchase (I’d have a cart full before I even got my groceries if I did). So they make the perfect bag. Use hand-me down or thrift store shoes that are about a size or 2 too big, since they won’t wearing them, well, hopefully ever. Remember to get a good flashlight, so avoid the dollar store variety as they usually aren’t reliable. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to add a jacket, poncho or raincoat either.

We put the bags under their beds and I explained to the kids that these were only for an emergency. Since flashlights double for light sabers at my house I had to explain that if they played with the flashlights they would be left in the dark when they needed them. In the event of a disaster everyone will have shoes where they can reach them along with a light so they can safely evacuate a room with debris and broken glass, even if its the middle of the night.

Oh What a Relief It Is

Security Baggie

Who needs a stuffed animal to go to sleep?

That night L insisted on sleeping under his bed with his bag. We had a hilarious conversation as I tried to convince him to sleep in his bed. He expressed his concern that if an earthquake hit he wouldn’t be able to get out of his bed fast enough. I explained that I’m sure he’d be fine. Naturally he didn’t believe me.

“Don’t you think that Heavenly Father would help you get under your bed especially since you’ve taken the effort to be prepared?”
“So you’ll sleep in your bed tonight?”
“How long are you planning on sleeping here?”
“Until there’s an earthquake”

We compromised – if there wasn’t an earthquake that night he would return to his bed.

I’m happy to say he’s back in his bed.

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Tyra Baird from Oregon simply lives a lifestyle of preparedness and has a passion for sharing it. She received a Bachelors from BYU-Idaho in Child and family studies, and Home and family living. As a stay at home mom of 6 children under the age of 10, she considers herself an expert in man-made disasters and daily coping. Emergency preparedness and self reliance has been a way of life since she was a child (her mom was in the Teton Dam flood as a teen and her dad’s just paranoid). Tyra and her husband have embraced preparedness wholeheartedly. She's been in a tornado, tropical storm, flooding, snowed in twice, severe storms, and slept through a few minor earthquakes. All of them were pretty mild. Tyra is a self proclaimed nerd who simply enjoys reading, researching, writing, teaching, and public speaking.
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