DIY Waterproof Matches

Make Your Own DIY Waterproof Matches

Dip your wooden matches into wax

Why didn’t I think of this before?

Today was a cold and rainy day in my neck of the woods, so I turned on the Scentsy burner and enjoyed my favorite scent – Honey Pear Cider. I have been planning this blog post, about DIY Waterproof Matches as a quick and easy gift idea, for awhile now. Today I found a use for the spent Scentsy wax. I don’t know why it never occurred to me before…

DIY Waterproof Matches are easy to make

Some people recommend using turpentine, shellac, or clear nail polish to waterproof their matches and these methods do work well. Using melted wax is another popular way to waterproof matches. You can melt candle nubs in a double boiler or light a candle and use the melted wax that accumulates around the wick.

I think using my Scentsy burner has got to be the easiest way to do it! No exposed fire, no waiting for the double boiler and then having to clean it out, no burned fingers. Plus, if you are a Scentsy user like I am, you always have this excess wax to get rid of.

DIY waterproof matches

Easy to make DIY waterproof matches

The steps for DIY Waterproof Matches:

  • Put down wax paper to protect your area
  • Melt your Scentsy wax – enjoy it today, DIY it tomorrow!
  • Take wooden matches and swirl them around in the wax, coating the head
  • Set them aside to dry (I used a small bowl – the wax didn’t stick to it – or you could use wax paper)
  • Put the dry matches into a jar with a tight lid. To use: scrape off the wax from part of the match head before striking it.
  • Cut out a circular piece of fine sandpaper the size of the inside of your lid and secure it inside if you are using “strike anywhere” matches. You could glue it or just cut it a bit bigger and wedge it in there.
  • If you are using “strike on box” matches you need to include the striker in your kit. I just cut the boxes they came with in half, and put it in the kit. NOTE: strike on box matches will not work with sandpaper. To make your own “strike anywhere” matches check out this post from Lifehacker.
Make DIY waterproof matches

Put your waterproof matches in a secure container

Don’t forget to make some tinder while you’re DIYing your fire kit. Grab some dryer lint and add some wax to it. I dipped one side into the Scentsy wax and placed it on wax paper to dry. Then I dipped the other side. Let them dry into a  little blob and pack them into your emergency kit. Mine are not very pretty, but they work great.

So use this idea as a last minute emergency preparedness gift or just put your spent Scentsy wax to good use and make some DIY waterproof matches for your home survival kit.


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