24 Uses for Oranges – Never Waste Another Orange

24 Uses for Oranges- Never Waste Another Orange

I love a good deal, don’t you? I also love to purchase in bulk and “put food up” for another day. So, when the opportunity came to purchase a box of oranges from a youth baseball fundraiser earlier this month, at a really good price, I couldn’t resist…but what do you do with 20 pounds of oranges? Find 24 uses for oranges, of course!

24 Uses for Oranges - Never Waste an Orange Again

What can you do with 20 lbs of oranges?

The first thing to do is wash the oranges you are going to eat, or zest, in a sink of vinegar and water.  Don’t worry too much about the ratio – a big “glug” of vinegar to half a sink of warm water will do. Let them sit for a few minutes and then rinse. I washed enough for several days and left the rest until I needed them, because the wax coating helps protect the oranges and they will last longer.

24 Uses for Oranges

  1. Eat them! Oranges are a healthy snack with low calories. You can’t beat them for a mid day boost.
    -86 calories in a large orange
    -65 calories in a medium size orange
    -45 calories in a small orange
  2. How can you use a whole orange without waste? Simple…place the washed orange in the freezer. Once the orange is frozen, get your grater, and shred the whole orange (no need to peel it) and sprinkle it on top of your foods. Sprinkle it on your salad, ice cream, soup, cereals, smoothies, noodles, spaghetti sauce, rice, sushi, fish dishes….the list is endless. All of the foods will have a wonderful taste. (This works well with lemon too)
  3. Make orange zest and use it for Corrie’s Kitchen Spa: Citrus Salt Body Scrub Recipe. Of course you could cook with it too.
  4. Make an herbal tea. Traditionally, orange peels are used internally in teas to help with stomach cramps and as an appetite stimulant.
  5. Make orange zest and freeze it with water in ice cube trays. Use it for flavorful drinks on a hot day or to add some zing to your daily water routine.
  6. Make some old fashioned marmalade! It’s a great addition to your food storage. I used this recipe and added some spices – nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon. Tasty!
  7. Dry and powder the rinds. Here’s a great post about how to make and use powdered zest. 
  8. Make natural citrus cleaner with orange rinds and White Vinegar. This was my favorite thing to do with the
    24 uses for orange, never waste another orange | PreparednessMama

    This smells heavenly and cleans even better.

    orange peels and now I have orange scented vinegar to clean with. It’s so easy, you’ll never throw away an orange peel again.

  9. Garbage Disposal sweetener – Keep the vinegar orange peels in a jar on the counter and put a few down the disposal every time you use it. 
  10. We always have extra eggs and now that I have a box of oranges I can make Honey Sweetened Orange Curd. This stuff is fabulous! You’ve got to try it over ice cream.
  11. Clean your sink. Oranges can be used to safely clean most surfaces. Cut an orange in half and dip it lightly into a dish of salt. Scrub the inside of your sink with the salted orange. Rinse thoroughly. Then use it for #9
  12.  Make an orange pomander. The citrus scent is pleasant and a great mix with the cloves, which repel moths. Here’s how:  Use a toothpick and make holes in an orange. Fill the holes with whole cloves. Bake the oranges on low for an hour or until they harden. After cooling, decorate with ribbon or string to form a sling for the orange. Hang in your closets, your bathrooms, your kitchens, or where you keep litter boxes. I like to put several of these in a decorative bowl in my bedroom.
  13. Make an orange peel face mask. Grind dried orange peels, mixing the orange peel powder and either milk or water in equal amounts until you have a paste that can be applied as a face and body treatment.
  14. Keep your brown sugar lump free because oranges can deter brown sugar from hardening. Place a two inch wide orange peel piece, pith and all, in with your brown sugar and keep in an air tight container. The skin puts moisture into the air inside the container, keeping the air damp.
  15. Fire Starters – The oil in orange peels is volatile, use this to your advantage and  make your own fire starters. Squeeze the oil of orange peels onto a bundle of drier lint. To start a fire out camping, put some dried orange peels with the kindling under the larger wood.
  16. Make delicious homemade oil for use on salad – give them as gifts, or just keep for your own kitchen. Place bits of orange peel (pith removed) and dried cranberries or a sprig of your favorite herb, into a decorative bottle and fill the remainder with extra virgin olive oil. Close the bottle and place it in a dark place. Remember to gently shake every few days. After several weeks the orange peels and herbs will impart a wonderful flavor to the oil. Decorate and give!
  17. Make citrus sugar: Use fresh twists and add it to sugar, combining them in a jar Let the oil from the peel infuse the sugar and after a few weeks remove the peel.
  18. Make citrus extract powder: Make zest or twists (lemons, limes, oranges or grapefruit) being sure to remove the pith and allow to dry, about three or four days for twists, less for zest. Put in a blender (or spice grinder) and pulverize into a powder. Store in a clean jar.
  19. Keep cats away from your garden or houseplants. I’ve heard that cats don’t like the scent of orange. Try placing dried rinds around your prized plants and see what happens.
  20. Compost it of course! Just be sure you don’t overload the compost bin with citrus. Putting the entire box in would be a bad idea!
  21. Reduce the odor in your trash area. Placing orange peel at the bottom of your trash can, before putting the bag or bags in is said to reduce odor and discourage insect infestation.
  22. Make candied orange slices.
  23. Make an infusion of honey with orange peels by placing twists and letting the flavors steep for a few weeks. Speed up the process by slowly heating them on the stove, being careful not to bring it to a boil. Remove the peels and store in a clean jar.
  24. Try making your own orange oil extract: Caution! Orange oil is flammable and very corrosive. For most cleaning purposes, a quarter of an ounce mixed in with a quart of water should be enough to get the beneficial results. Always spot test before applying in quantity.

    // dry and grind the orange peels
    // place into a mason (glass) jar and cover with clear grain alcohol (like vodka), warming it first will yield more oil.
    // shake vigorously for a few minutes and repeat every couple of days.
    // after two weeks, strain the mixture through a coffee filter, reserving the alcohol
    // place it in a shallow dish, cover with cheesecloth, and allow alcohol to evaporate, what’s left over will be orange oil.

With a little advance planning you will never waste another orange again. What are your favorite uses for oranges? Comment below or send us a note on our Facebook page.


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  9. Mini Mia says:

    Re Orange marmalade – Sounds fabulous! I love your idea of adding cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. How much did you add of each to that recipe?

  10. EF Johnson says:

    Another use for orange peelings…… Miniature marshmallows hardened… impossible to soften …until putting orange peelings in a flat container… do not let peels touch marshmallows /use a divider …cover/ leave overnight… nice soft marshmallows result.

  11. So many great ideas for oranges! Next time we have an abundance of oranges not being used in the house I’m going to be making some herbal tea and powdered zest with them.
    Thanks for all the great ideas!

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